SELAH RJC Consulting Co. with Rhea A. Doswell
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About Us


We are the premier provider of Professional  Christain Consulting for the business sector and the community of faith, that influences those called to the market place that affect the consumer base and the development of individuals. We strive on implementing strategies with applicable and practical tools, while extending our skills and expertise towards individuals seeking assistance with self-development. Rhea operates in the office of a  market place prophet and has used her gift to help leaders in business and the community of faith, to understand clarity in the direction  their vision is calling them into, that produces a desired outcome while avoiding negative effects.

Mission Statement

       We strive to provide excellent customer care to all clients. Our wide ranging products and services can be tailor-made to suit your needs.  All products and services offered by SELAH RJC Consulting Co. are original material in written and audio format. The company does not publish outside materials or host outside vendors on its website.  We also do not participate in any type of legal disputes or arbitration between any parties in our consultant sessions. Our goal is to treat each and every customer with a spirit of excellence and to timely deliver and demonstrate professional communication and ethical practices to ensure that our products and services meet the highest standard and quality of customer satisfaction.