SELAH RJC  Ministry & Consulting with Rhea A. Doswell, formerly Rhea A. Jackson, who is a Prophetess, Life coach, Author, Consultant & Speaker 
 Hours of Operation Mon - Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
(EST)  Phone (612) 388-8938

SELAH RJC Ministry& Consulting Co. LAUNCHES


     Destiny unfolds, for what was once a written dream from a simple notepad several years ago, has now transpired into a reality for, Founder/ CEO Rhea A. Doswell, through the birth of Selah RJC Minstry & Consulting Co. that takes a holistic approach in consulting. The company removes the barries in this profession by the unique topics that service, The Business sector, The Community of Faith and those seeking Self- Development tools, along with christain resources for children. 

To take a step towards purpose is an act of real faith in progress! To sit quiet is to never live !    Rhea A. Doswell