SELAH RJC Consulting Co. with Rhea A. Doswell, formerly Rhea A. Jackson, is a Prophetess, Life coach, Author, Consultant & Speaker
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Christan Consultation for the Business , Christan Leaders and for Self -Development Starting June 2017 

   CHRISTAN INDIVIDUALIZED CONSULTATION: Topics not limited to the below list:

  • The Prophetic Mantel and The Many Assignments
  • Developing  An Effective Prayer Life
  •  Spiritual Warfare & Their Dynamics Of Why
  • Recognizing The Voice Of The Holy Spirit in  career, education & ministry pursuits
  • Unmasking Divine Appointments
  • Locating Ones Primary Calling
  • Over Coming Low Self-Esteem Into Gods Self- Esteem
  • Breaking Soul Ties
  • Some Oppostition Comes Straight From Heaven
  • Discipline and Time Management For Destiny
  •  Preparing To Be Positioned
  • Breaking Strong Holds
  • Preventing Soul Ties
  • Knowing The purpose Of People in Your Life
  • Increase Divine Visitations and There Frequency's
  •  Can You Tolerate Healthy Relationships
  • Qualities In A Mate For Singles
  • Do Not Miss Gods Will
  • Being A Successful Single And At Peace
  • Godly Attitudes Are Attractive
  • Learning How To Talk Like God
  • The Power Of Forgiveness
  • Just Say Yes To Your Calling
  • Don't Be Deceived
  • Learning How To Love You Enough To Say No
  • Procrastination Cost Spiritually
  • Discernment Is Everything
  • Understanding Dreams From God For Personal Purpose
  • Training For The Calling                                                                                                 CHRISTAN BUSINESS CONSULTATION & PUBLIC SPEAKERS: Topics Not Limited To The Below List
  • Understanding The Conflicts In Gender Relationships
  • Inclusive Bodies Amongst Us
  • Power Roles
  • Toxic Behaviors
  • Time Management
  • The Process of Elimination Effectively
  • Passing Your Wisdom on
  • The Dynamics of Team Exchanges
  • Do You Want To Be Sued or Not ?
  • The Race Game
  • It Is Simply Not Working 
  • Time Is Not On Our Hands
  • Wait, Not Yet 
  • Overcoming Fear Of Speaking
  • Natural Remedies We Need Before Speaking
  • Anxiety Before Speaking
  • Knowing Ones Audience As A Public Speaker
  • But Preparation Is Everything
  • When Launching The Project
  • Wrong Appointments Create Disaster For The Team
  • Professional Procrastination Cost
  • Healthy Individuality In The Work Place
  • Effective Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Affirming Communication
  • Business Communication
  • Cayenne Pepper Attitudes In The Work Place
  • Passing The Baton                                                                                                    CHRISTAN LEADERSHIP TRAINING : Topics Not Limited Too Below List
  • Understanding Your Servitude
  • When It's Time To Turn
  • Ethics & Integrity Are Everything
  • Premature Appointments
  • Developing The Team
  • When Not To Move Forward
  • How To Brand Effectively
  • Discernment Starts At The Top
  • Equipping Yourself And Others With The knowledge Of Gods Word
  • The Right Agenda
  • When The Door Needs To Close
  • Communicating To Everybody Counts

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        With every problem there is a solution; with hard work our communication styles and topics of interest can transform ones way of perception, behaviors and communication styles, just like myself, who established SELAH RJC Consulting Co. due to my own need for personal and professional growth as a communicator and an individual. I realized my need to understand myself holistically,which forced me to confront by my past, in order that my future wouldn't suffer lost personally, professionally and spiritually.

     We only affect others in areas where sensitivity meets compatibility. What are you waiting for! Visit us today by filling out the contact form, to see how we can service you in the journey personally, professionally and even in your walk with God. We want you, our valued customer, to not just be happy but holistically fit for the race ahead; we offer no games, no overnight success stories, only process, that allows you to fulfill each assignment in ones life, by understanding principals applied through services and tools listed below.

CEO, Rhea Ahkeen Jackson 






     Topics are uploaded on by a quarter format. We offer inspirational, professional and business related CD topics. ALL SESSIONS ON -LINE WILL TAKE PLACE ON FRIDAY & SATURDAY EVENINGS. Price variers, depending upon the length of each session and whether or not it is for individuals, the business community and for christan leaders. Once a contract form is completed, with a specific request, a list of prices are sent out to customers.

     Sessions are from 1-3 hours. In person consulting for professionals and business leaders are conducted. All self development topics are on- line sessions and in person when it is a specfic group session.  Accommodations are considered for all international clients upon communication.


SELAH RJC Consulting Policy & Rules

      All services are provided either in person or online!  A detailed outline is sent via email to all customers inquiring our services, along with the rules and policies SELAH RJC Consulting Co. abides and operates in, in order to ensure quality and professional services are provided to its' customers in a safe environment two weeks prior to sessions. We do not conduct consultations in private residences, such as homes, condos, abandon properties or isolated locations of any sort, bars, private party settings or vehicles are prohibited, however public meeting places such as library's, booked conference  rooms even outside venues are approved. Any outside venues, must have the presence of other people near by for safety purposes. SELAH RJC Consulting Co. does meet at places of employment, when a session has been approved. Group sessions take place two ways, one is through an invite from the listed entity and the other group is created by SELAH RJC Consulting Co. within a created group by SELAH RJC Consulting Co. and will be announced for various individuals on- line interested in the same topic, it will be stated next to the topic as, Skype for individuals and group sessions. Price quotes for services in group


            Thank you for visiting us today. We appreicate and vaule your service